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7/25/2022 to 8/15/2022 This website will be closing in the near future. Greg Reed
3/24/2020 Alert!!! Breaking News Greg Reed
3/16/2020 Alert!!! Breaking News Greg Reed
3/1/2020 Alert!!! March Breaking News Greg Reed
2/1/2020 Alert!!! February Breaking News Greg Reed
1/1/2020 Alert!!! January Breaking News Greg Reed
12/1/2019 Alert!!! December Breaking News Greg Reed
10/23/2019 Alert!!! November Breaking News Greg Reed
10/6/2019 Art Israelson passed away Sunday, Oct. 6 Greg Reed
10/1/2019 Alert!!! October Breaking News Greg Reed
9/1/2019 Alert!!! September Breaking News Greg Reed
7/1/2019 Alert!!! July/August Breaking News Greg Reed
6/1/2019 Alert!!! June Breaking News Greg Reed
5/1/2019 May Breaking News Greg Reed
3/25/2019 Breaking News Terri Boughton
3/10/2019 Alert!!! Breaking News Greg Reed
3/1/2019 March Breaking News Greg Reed
2/1/2019 February Breaking News Greg Reed
1/1/2019 January Breaking News Greg Reed
11/1/2018 November Breaking news Greg Reed
9/15/2018 September Breaking News Greg Reed
9/1/2018 Attention: The Coumbia is Closing Bob Rees
7/31/2018 August Breaking News Greg Reed
7/1/2018 July Breaking News John Hydorn
6/2/2018 June Breaking News John Hydorn, Greg Reed
5/1/2018 May Breaking News Greg Reed
3/11/2018 April Breaking News John Hydorn
1/28/2018 Board Meeting Times Changed Greg Reed
11/2/2017 SAFETY NOTICE/ALERT Greg Reed
11/2/2017 Volunteer Training and Appreciation Greg Reed
10/30/2017 General Meeting This Wednesday John Hydorn
10/1/2017 General Meeting Agenda Greg Reed
9/20/2017 River Cleanup this weekend Anthony Pedro
9/5/2017 Attention: Fire Alert John Hydorn
8/14/2017 No News is Good News? Unknown
7/15/2017 Get Ready for a Picnic Norm Ritchie, Joli Ritchie
6/14/2017 June Breaking News Steve Rothenbucher, Anthony Pedro
5/4/2017 Attention Sandy Chapter Members Larry Palmer
4/27/2017 Nineteenth Annual Auction and Potluck Dinner John Hydorn
4/12/2017 to 4/23/2017 Columbia River fishery opens Bob Rees
4/1/2017 Breaking News for April Steve Rothenbucher
3/16/2017 Breaking News Norm Ritchie
3/1/2017 March Breaking News Steve Rothenbucher
1/30/2017 Breaking News for February Steve Rothenbucher
1/10/2017 Breaking News Steve Rothenbucher
1/4/2017 6:00 PM Chapter Meeting Agenda for 01/04/17 Board Meeting Steve Rothenbucher
12/30/2016 Happy New Year John Hydorn
12/20/2016 Happy Holidays Unknown
12/14/2016 Board Meeting Cancelled Steve Rothenbucher
10/12/2016 Attention: Weather Alert Don Voeks
10/4/2016 Fish-a-Long and Movie Under the Stars Association of Northwest Steelheaders
8/17/2016 14th Annual Down the River Clean Up Unknown
8/1/2016 HOTLINE from Washington DFW Unknown
7/12/2016 Our Oxbow Park Steelhead Workshop Larry Palmer
6/18/2016 IT'S HAPPENING Robert Wisher
5/23/2016 June Open General Meeting Jeff Stoeger
4/18/2016 Eighteenth Annual Auction and Banquet Norm Ritchie
4/5/2016 April Open General Meeting and Election of Officers Steve Rothenbucher
3/4/2016 Board Meeting Postponed Steve Rothenbucher
2/22/2016 Next chapter fish along dates Larry Palmer
2/18/2016 February 20th ODFW Clinic Cancelled Larry Palmer
1/29/2016 February Open General Meeting Features Brandon Glass and Ryan Queen Jeff Stoeger
12/31/2015 Family Fish Camp Dates Changed John Hydorn
12/1/2015 Volunteers Needed Larry Palmer
11/21/2015 Our Fish Along Stream Team has great first outing! Larry Palmer
11/15/2015 Please come to the Fish Along! Larry Palmer
11/1/2015 Our Next Clinic- all about steelhead Larry Palmer
10/25/2015 Thank You Bill Monroe Larry Palmer
9/26/2015 ANWS Family Fish Camp Association of Northwest Steelheaders
9/14/2015 RIP Howard Milton Anderson Larry Palmer
8/5/2015 ODFW Clinic for August 8th has been cancelled. Larry Palmer
7/16/2015 ODFW takes action to help native fish Unknown
5/20/2015 ODFW's Todd Alsbury to speak at our June 3rd Meeting Jeff Stoeger
4/2/2015 Our Next Clinic Larry Palmer
3/25/2015 Breaking News Unknown
1/24/2015 Something New Larry Palmer
12/22/2014 Hey Steelheaders, It's Show Time! Mike Myrick
11/23/2014 Dec. 6th fish along Larry Palmer
11/15/2014 November 8th Steelhead clinic a big success Larry Palmer
10/19/2014 Reminder: Steelhead Clinic, Saturday Nov. 8th Larry Palmer
9/11/2014 to 12/31/2014 Raffle tickets will get you fish Larry Palmer
8/15/2014 Three ODFW Clinics set Larry Palmer
6/14/2014 Army Corps Plans to Remove Cormorants Bob Rees
5/19/2014 Coastal Management Plan Doug Briggs
5/8/2014 Lifetime Member Norm Loyd Has Passed Away Norm Ritchie, Cheri Loyd
4/21/2014 Sixteenth Annual Dinner - Auction Norm Ritchie, Joli Ritchie
3/17/2014 Good news we can release another batch of Spring Chinook into the Sandy Howard Berg, Dan Drazen
2/26/2014 Sandy Chapter Member, Russ Nishitani Passed Away Unexpectedly Norm Ritchie
2/15/2014 12:00 PM Two Events Postponed
2/1/2014 Help Fight For Our Fish Hatcheries Doug Briggs
1/18/2014 Stream Team Update Larry Palmer
1/10/2014 to 1/12/2014 Pontoon Boat Float Postponed Jeff Stoeger
1/6/2014 to 1/9/2014 Steelhead Seminar / Clinic # 2 at Glenn Otto Doug Briggs
12/28/2013 to 1/2/2014 Happy New Year Steelheaders John Hydorn
12/24/2013 to 12/26/2013 Merry Christmas Steelheaders John Hydorn
12/12/2013 News Release … Date Change for Ray's Frostbite Follies Jeff Stoeger
10/20/2013 Speaker Schedule for Dec, Jan and Feb Meetings Established. Larry Palmer
10/10/2013 Salmon Hawg Open Tournament (SHOT) Norm Ritchie
8/11/2013 to 8/20/2013 Sandy River Delta dam removal groundbreaking celebration Doug Briggs
7/21/2013 Sandy Chapter Annual Family Picnic 2013 Norm Ritchie
7/1/2013 Cruising For a Cause Norm Ritchie
5/22/2013 Sandy River Spring Chinook Classic Supports ANWS Legal Costs Doug Briggs
4/6/2013 6:00 AM 15th Annual Sandy Chapter Auction / Pie Social Doug Briggs
3/3/2013 Want to Catch one of These? Larry Palmer
2/10/2013 Trout Fish Eggs Go To School John Hydorn
1/28/2013 38th Annual Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show Mike Myrick
12/27/2012 53rd Annual Portland Boat Show Volunteers Victor Laurence
12/15/2012 Happy Holidays John Hydorn
11/27/2012 News Flash for December's 5th Meeting Doug Briggs
11/25/2012 New Sandy Steelheaders website launch Victor Laurence, John Hydorn
11/1/2012 7:00 PM November 7th Chapter Meeting Speaker Announced Doug Briggs
10/29/2012 New website in beta testing Victor Laurence
9/22/2012 River Clean-up (Fall) 2012 Russ Sumida
7/23/2011 Under Construction Victor Laurence