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The Sandy River Chapter was formed in 1964 and is currently located along the shores of the Sandy River in Troutdale, Oregon. Since its inception, this chapter has helped by playing a key role in the development and conservation of sport fishing and is dedicated to improving the freshwater fisheries in the Northwest.

Sandy's members have a wide interest range including but certainly not limited to the following: sponsoring various fishing tournaments and outings, monthly membership meetings, assisting at the Sportsman Show, holding various fund raiser raffles and providing volunteer support for the Hall of Fame dinner and awards banquet in November. There are many other activities that the whole family would enjoy.

We are committed to safeguarding, promoting, and enhancing the social, environmental, and conservational values of sport fishing. Our mission is to take part in "educating the general public on improving, preserving and promoting sport fishing in the Columbia River and their tributary streams and rivers, which include the Sandy."

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Good news we can release another batch of Spring Chinook into the Sandy

by Howard Berg, Dan Drazen
on 3/17/2014

The court issued an order imposing a remedy based on the outcome of the recent summary judgment ruling. 

For the reasons explained in the order, the court declined to vacate the entire 2012 HGMP permitting the operation of the Sandy Hatchery, but did partially vacate the 2012 coho HGMP and prohibited the release of more than 200,000 coho smolts this year. 

Other than the reduction of coho smolt releases, the order declines each the remedies requested by NFS and is in favor of NMFS and ODFW.

By Dan Drazan

Click HERE in order to view the court ruling.


Good news we can release another batch of Spring Chinook into the Sandy

A federal judge ruled in our favor.   We can release up to 200,000 hatchery fish into the Sandy River per year.   We showed The Native Fish Society and the McKenzie Fly fishermen that we will not be intimidated by their lawsuit.    Jeff Fulop from the ODFW said that they will have second batch of 66,000 Spring Chinook smolts for us to feed at the acclimation pond starting Thursday March 20th and will release them into the river on April 7th.   If you are interested in helping out contact me

I would like to congratulate the 16 volunteers who took such great care of the 66,000 Spring Chinook smolts that will be released into the river on Monday.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with feeding Spring Chinook Smolts at the Bull Run acclimation pond; we go out to the old abandoned Power Station on the Bull Run River (North of Sandy) and feed the fish with pellets once or twice a day.   When we are out there we check to see how the fish are doing and if any fish are dead we write down the number.   We will have an orientation meeting for those volunteers who haven’t helped in the past.

It’s kind of an interesting place, the TV program Grimm was shot there.  If you just want to volunteer for one day that is fine.


Howard Berg

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