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The Sandy River Chapter was formed in 1964 and is currently located along the shores of the Sandy River in Troutdale, Oregon. Since its inception, this chapter has helped by playing a key role in the development and conservation of sport fishing and is dedicated to improving the freshwater fisheries in the Northwest.

Sandy's members have a varied levels of experience from novice to guide level.  We have wide interest range including but certainly not limited to the following: Angler Education, sponsoring various fishing tournaments, fishing outings, monthly Chapter meetings, Picnics, partnering with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in Hatchery programs, assisting at the Sportsman Show, holding various fund raiser raffles and providing volunteer support for the Hall of Fame dinner and awards banquet in November. There are many other activities that the whole family would enjoy. 

We are committed to safeguarding, promoting, and enhancing the social, environmental, and conservational values of sport fishing. Our mission is to take part in "educating the general public on improving, preserving and promoting sport fishing in the Columbia River and their tributary streams and rivers, which include the Sandy."

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Bank fishing for Coho - Fish Along for September 18, 2022, 2022 at Glenn Otto Park, Troutdale

by Greg Reed
on 7/25/2022 to 8/15/2022

Speaker for our Thursday September 1, 2022 Chapter meeting.

There has been confusion over the first Fall Chapter meeting which is on this Thursday September 1, 2022.

As a result, David Pyle is unable to speak to us on that date.  However, he will be our speaker for our Thursday October 6, 2022 Chapter meeting.  At our September 1, 2022 meeting.

Jeff Stoeger will be our speaker and present on Bank fishing for Coho as a prelude to our September 18, 2022 Fish along on the Sandy River.

We apologize for the change and hope to see you this Thursday at 6:30pm, Sam Cox Building & Glenn Otto Community Park, 1102 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR


The fish along for September will focus on bank fishing for Coho. We will meet at 7:30

AM at Glen Otto Park, Sunday 18th.


  • We'll try the hole at Tads and maybe then head up to Dabney Park and Oxbow Park. Day parking passes are required at Dabney and Oxbow if you don't have an annual pass.


  • The gear- A light steelhead rod is fine 8 ½ to 9 ½ feet , 6 -12# test line.


  • The lures- weighted casting spinners , #3 and #4 are best. Fish can also be taken with “Steelee” type spoons.


  • Bobbers with jigs work also. Pink, orange, or chartreuse mixed with black or purple are often successful. Coho seem to like some “twitching “ as it floats downstream.


  • Drift fishing some salmon eggs as an addition to a drifter is good, but you can also use just chartreuse yarn and a bit of scent.. crazy but hey ….it works!


As with other fish alongs I will plan to be there if you are, so I need to know if you are coming. If there are no calls or messages by Wednesday before the event, I will figure no one wants to go and I won't be there either. So contact me at-

                       palmerlarryd@yahoo.com  or text message  971 295-6235


                                     Pray for rain , and I hope to see you there !


                                                 Thanks, Larry Palmer

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