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Sun 3/10/2019

Write, write, and write to retain your rights!

Our voices are being heard!


Many of you have already sent emails to your Legislators, Representatives, Senators, and Governors expressing concerns over the efforts of ODFW Commissioners to not deliver on the promises of the Columbia River Fisheries Reform (CRFR), and their recent request to make the Columbia River Basin Endorsement permanent (Senate Bill 42) along with the rolling back of the CRFR actions taken to date.

Keep writing, E-mailing, calling, and contacting your Representatives

Do not stop with one, when you receive a response, reply again. Show them you are sincere and want continued movement in implementing the CRFR.

For your representatives contact information online go to:



Members of the ODFW Commissioners are again attacking the bi-state Columbia River gillnet reforms.  Remember 2107? 

This proposal includes a return of Spring, Summer, and Fall Chinook gillnets. Also, for Fall Coho gillnets – all back in the mainstream despite dwindling salmon runs and starving orca whales.  And, they want a return to past allocations of the few returning fish.

There is concern the ODFW Commissioners are pushing to adopt these reforms before their terms end in June.  In fact, they may try at next week’s ODFW Commission meeting on March 15.  We need your help to hold ODFW accountable. 

The Northwest Steelheaders will be joining the CCA in a rally at the State Capital in Salem on Wednesday, March 13 at 12:30pm hearing room H-174  to urge the Legislature to hold ODFW accountable through its budget, which will receive a hearing at 1 pm. 

The CCA will have a room to meet in just off the rotunda on your right as you enter (west side).  You are invited to come by and pick up information to take to your Representatives office and let them know we expect ODFW to carry out its promise as outlined in the original CRFR. 

Ask your Legislator to let the Governor and ODFW know the money we have spent deserves results. 

Please do everything you can to attend. The Legislature holds a key to forcing ODFW to reverse course on this proposal.  Wear your hat’s, especially if you have one of the 2017 “No broken promises” hats.  The CCA also has a limited number of their hats to be given to those who show up.

*Thanks to the CCA, from whom this was paraphrased.