News - Our Oxbow Park Steelhead Workshop

Tue 7/12/2016

Our Oxbow Park Steelhead Workshop

Time draws near for our next ODFW fishing workshop! As some of you remember, this will take place at Oxbow Park this time.

ODFW will be providing day parking passes for the students and Steelheader volunteers, but without your confirmation that you will be there, I can’t know how many volunteer passes to reserve.

You may have expressed an interest in volunteering previously, but I know plans change, people forget, etc… so PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO VOLUNTEER again! By e-mail at


Volunteers- we’ll see you at the tollbooth at Oxbow park at 8 AM, Saturday July 23rd. There will be a little setup time, a short orientation to the day, and class begins at 9 AM.

Thanks for your help in this.

Larry Palmer