News - Dec. 6th fish along

Sun 11/23/2014

The Sandy River Chapter invites all of it’s members and recent students of our ODFW Steelhead Workshop to come on out for some simple hands-on-how-to fishing practice on Saturday Dec. 6th.  Just bring your rod and gear and meet at Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale        ( the same place that the Steelhead Workshop was held ) at 8AM. This simple ½ day shore fishing trip , led by experienced members of the Sandy River Chapter, will help you learn about how to “read “ water, fine tune rigging and a host of other skills. It’s a great place to try out all that new gear you bought at those “Black Friday“ sales!

There is no charge, but we would appreciate a RSVP by e-mail or phone for planning purposes. 

Contact Larry Palmer at   503-286-2093  or

Thanks and I’ll see you there!

Larry Palmer