News - Our Next Clinic

Thu 4/2/2015

Our next clinic in conjunction with ODFW will occur in our regular meeting place, in the Sam Cox Building at Glenn Otto Park on Saturday, May 9th. The clinic setup begins at 8 AM. The clinic begins at 9 AM, and lasts until 4:30. Subject of this clinic will be shore fishing for Summer Steelhead.

I need chapter members to assist with room setup and take down, assisting students with knot tying, and actually fishing at the end of the day. ODFW will be handling the registration for the class on the ODFW website. Cost will be $52 per student.

If you’d like to attend this class for free in exchange for your volunteer efforts during the class, you may sign up with me tonight, or by email at Space is limited, so don’t delay.

Our members have enjoyed the class, learned some things themselves, and been able to extend a welcoming hand to our newest chapter members, the students in the class.

I must say that the free lunch and fancy baked snacks are also quite popular!

Please sign up as a volunteer and I’ll see you there!

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Larry Palmer