News - Trout Fish Eggs Go To School

Sun 2/10/2013

I have heard about this program for several years and have wanted to observe the process.  So I volunteered to help Mike Myrick this year.

After a couple of adjustments on the days...tomorrow the annual trout fish eggs will be delivered to several schools.  l am surely looking forward to learning about how the program works. 

UPDATE:  Mike and I with our wives met up at the ODFW office in Clackamas and picked up the eggs.  We then set out to deliver them to 4 schools.  The first two were done by Mike.  He then insisted that I be more than an observer and had me drop the eggs into the tanks in the last two schools.  Leslie and I thouroughly enjoye the day and are looking forward to helping with the salmon eggs in the fall.  Thanks to Mike and Judy for letting us tag along for the day.