Event - Stream Projects - Buck Creek

Start Date
Sat 7/13/2013
End Date

 The Buck Creek fish passage project is set for July 13th. This is a simple project, but involves removing rocks from jump pools below the culvert by hand. We’ll be in the water a bit, so bring your boots, and grip type work gloves.

 If you have some 5-gallon buckets bring a couple of those too, I’m trying to get a supply of those as well. From doing similar projects in the past I have found that the “human chain” method of passing buckets along is the simplest, safest, and least tiring way to get this job done.


There will be a nice camp style hot lunch served by Joe Blum so please call me ahead of time or send me an email so we can get the head count right.              503-286-2093    palmerlarryd@yahoo.com   The lunch will be good, and for all you workers it will be free! Who says “there is no free lunch?”  To be a part of this project, be in the parking lot at Glenn Otto Park at 7:45  Saturday the 13th.



About those lunches…the chapter will pay for the food for all such events, but in order to save funds we could use donations of serviceable cooking gear for camp style cooking , a propane stove that’s easy to transport, ice chests, and so forth. So go look out in your garage, and see if that thing you bought to go camping and only used twice is still in your way. If so, contact Joe Blum at -icecreamman310@hotmail.com


Your Stream Team consists of the following-







  • Russ Sumida
  • Doug Miller
  • John Hydorn
  • Brandon Rush
  • Lonnie Thurston
  • Don Voeks
  • Scott- Leininger
  • Doug Briggs
  • Tim Henson



Don’t see your name on the list? Sign up today!  Contact -

Larry Palmer- overall team leader-  503-286-2093  palmerlarryd@yahoo.com