Event - Summerfest - A big membership effort

Start Date
Sat 7/20/2013
End Date

Many chapter members are unaware that the chapter has shrank in size for the past two to three years. This trend only means that we can do less conservation work and fishing trips together in the future.

To reverse this trend, the chapter board has decided to make a commitment to inform the public about our chapter and recruit new members by participating in Summerfest a large neighborhood fair held in Troutdale on July 20th.

The chapter’s part in this overall effort works out into three interrelated pieces that go together this way-

  •  Summerfest- July 20th- At the vent in Troutdale we will advertise an upcoming free clinic (similar to the one we did recently) and seek to take reservations for it from the general public. The focus on the booth will be membership recruitment and promoting the clinic.


We will have some hands on demonstrations going on – things like knot tying, slinky making, “make a Yarnie” and so forth to get people to stop and talk with us. We will distribute information sheets with a “Yarnie” stapled to each, inviting people to the clinic, and our next meeting. Volunteers are needed.


  •  Fishing  Clinic-  August 3rd similar to our last one in the Sam Cox Building, Glenn Otto Park - Volunteers are needed.


  • On stream session for members – August 17. Shore fishing trip. Meet at Glenn Otto Park at 8 AM.


Please contact Larry Palmer to volunteer for any of these important membership recruitment efforts at 503-286-2093  palmerlarryd@yahoo.com