Event - Chapter Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 3/20/2019
End Date



Meeting will be at:
Sam Cox Building, Glenn Otto Community Park, 
1102 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale.
6:30 PM



Approved Meeting Minutes:


NW Steelheaders – Sandy Chapter
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday March 20, 2019
Round Table Pizza - 4141 NE 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, OR


Present: Greg Reed, Mike Myrick, Jeff and Terri Boughton, Steve Rothenbucher, Jeff Stoeger and Tim Maples

6:00 pm Call to Order              Jeff S.

Board Meeting’s Minutes for January 16, 2019 were reviewed, Mike M. made the motion to accept as written and Tim M. 2nd, unanimously approved. February 13th, 2019 minutes were reviewed, Mike M. made motion to accept as written, Tim M. 2nd, unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report - Both February and March’s reports were reviewed. Sandy chapter received membership money from the Association for our steelhead 101 class and the chapter’s membership share from the Association. Raffle tickets are not accounted for in these reports. This will be the last month of the $154 payment for our storage rent. Next month is the start of the $172 fee per month. Terri B made the motion to accept both February and March statement reports as presented.
Mike M 2nd, unanimously approved.
33 members attended the March chapter meeting. According to the Association, the new flat rate of $30 per person for joining the Association will begin in July 2019.


Auction – Terri B. made the motion for a $500 budget for purchasing auction supplies. Tim M. made the motion to accept, Mike M 2nd, unanimously approved. Greg R. will get $600 in small bills for the cash box for auction night. Terri will let Greg know what denominations will be needed. Flyers are ready for the next chapter meeting and Jeff S. will download the info onto our Facebook page. Greg R. will add the flyer to our newsletter and will send the flyer to the other chapters for their sites.

Upcoming Events – Dates for the Willamette McKenzie River fish along are still being discussed. We are still waiting for Larry Palmer to get an event date solidified.
The McKenzie River and John Day Fish Along events are no host, pay your own way, bring your own food and beverages.

Storage Problems – Greg R reported we will now be paying $172.00 per month for the storage unit in Troutdale. We will continue to look for someone willing to have a trailer placed on their property to use for our extra storage. Greg R. discussed the need for additional shelving in the storage closet. Mike M. made the motion to approve $200 for the cost of creating two shelves for the storage closet at the Sam Cox Building to begin reorganizing our storage space and removing items from the rental unit. Tim M 2nd, unanimously approved.


Elections – Jeff B. has had no other inquiries for nominations. Greg R., Terri B, Tim M, and Jeff S. all
agreed to run for another year in their current positions. Members reviewed chapter bylaws and
confirmed, any member looking to run for a board position requires one year of membership in good
standing before elections. The board will let Charlie know these requirements and welcome him to
the chapter.

Discussion was opened for the need for a 2-signer requirement for all bank accounts for security
reasons. Greg R. will inquire at the bank about signing requirements and investigate updating the
signature cards with the bank.

Hatchery and Wild Video Request – Jeff S. received an email from Tom Vanderplaat saying the
Association was asked permission from a local group to use the Hatchery and Wild video that Lance
Fisher produced, and several chapters helped fund several years ago. The new group made of
Dave Schamp, Jack Smith and Don New of Oregon CCA and North Coast Salmon and Steelhead
Enhancement Fund would like to use the video for their Hatchery and Wild Coexist campaign.
Sandy Board concerns were: No editing of the video should be allowed unless authorized by ANWS.
Proper credits should be given to the Association of NW Steelheaders, our logo and the producer
before and after the video is played. Mike M. made the motion to accept as discussed, Terri B 2nd,
unanimously approved.

Tim Heath Advertising in Newsletter – Tim has asked if he could use advertising space in our newsletter
to advertise hooks for sale. The board decided to approve his ad if he would be willing to trade/donate enough packages of hooks for our Dutch Auction Bags. Greg R. will ask if he could commit to 25 packs of 3 hooks each in trade for his ad.

Projector – Jeff S. & Greg R. have identified 3 different projectors and listed their features. The board
feels the use of a projector would be a benefit during workshops and events. Mike M. made the
motion to budget $750 for a new projector. Tim M 2nd, unanimously approved.
Terri B will contact her brother in law, Jason and ask for his knowledge on the features each projector
has and will try to determine which projector will fit the chapter’s best needs.

The meeting adjourned at 7:11pm.