Event - ANWS Fishing Workshop For Women

Start Date
Sat 5/26/2018
End Date



ANWS Fishing Workshop For Women –

May 26, 2018 9am to 4pm – Sam Cox bldg. of the Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale, Or.

Join us for a women-focused event that'll dig into the nuts and bolts of fishing, right in time for summer trout season! Learn fishing knots, improve your cast, brush up on details about local rivers and how to read water, and hear about the hottest lures and fishing techniques. You do not need your own gear to participate. If you have fishing gear of your own, please bring it and a more experienced angler will go through your bag and help answer questions. 

Socialization is an important aspect of this event -- and we're hoping that you'll meet some new fishing buddies! There will be plenty of time to network with other women who fish, hunt, forage and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Did someone say prizes?! Well, I guess I just did. While at the event, enter to win a free guided trip and gear! 

The event runs between 9AM - 4PM but feel free to drop into sessions at your leisure. This is a family-friendly event. Registration is preferred to enable us to provide refreshments however it is not required. Please sign up online for a free ticket. If you have additional questions, email office@anws.org.