Event - Chapter Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 6/13/2018
End Date

Meeting will be at:

Round Table Pizza

4141 NE 122nd Ave,

Portland, OR 97230

6:30 PM


Approved Meeting Minutes: 




NW Steelheaders – Sandy Chapter


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Date: Wednesday June 13, 2018


Round Table Pizza - 4141 NE 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, OR




Present: Greg Reed, Jeff Stoeger,Steve Rothenbucher, Larry McClintock, Mike Myrick, Jeff and Terri Boughton,




6:05 pm Call to Order                                                                             Jeff S. & Greg R.




Review Board Meeting’s Minutes for May 9, 2018.  Steve R. moved the Board Meeting’s Minutes be accepted as written and Mike Myrick seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously.                               




Treasurer’s Report  - For April 13, 2018 to May 31, 2018 was presented by Greg Reed and reviewed by the board.   Steve R. moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented and Jeff Stoeger seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously.         




Membership Report – As of May 2018 we have 184 members and 126 expired members.  Problems with the Associations records are still being resolved slowly.  We do not have the signup sheets from ODFW, Greg R will call Maggie to get records of our Steelhead 101 classes to see if those are the ones who haven’t renewed.  A $10 raise in membership fee for the senior members was discussed.  Greg R. discussed doing phone calls to expired members once we find out who hasn’t renewed.                                                                       




OLD BUSINESS                               


Tillamook Fish along September 7th -9th- Jeff Stoeger stated that all members who signed up for this event needs to talk to Jolie about a Taco Night Potluck Dinner signup.  Maximum of 30 members will be allowed.  People need to realize they have to pay to use the facilities, not just park outside of the campground and try to use the bathroom facilities.  Steve R. mentioned a price reduction may be happening, TBA.  Chapter stayed within the budget last year and showed a profit.  The Chapter will give the campground a check at the end of the event.  Steve R motioned the board accept $1449 for the 2018 budget, Jeff S seconded, the motion was passed unanimously.




Cedar Fish Program – Greg Reed explained Art Isrealson and Tim Seery at the City of Troutdale will be handling this together from now on without chapter involvement.




Sam Cox Building sound system – Steve R. is looking into the permit needed to install a three pronged plug, Greg R. is looking for an acceptable electrician to perform the job.  Steve R. motioned for the board to approve $200.00 for the work, Terri B. seconded with it passing unanimously.




Newsletter -Larry McClintock reported no raise in fee will occur for the creation of the newsletter.  Greg R. submitted a rough draft of possible charges for a printed version of the newsletter and the postage charge to have it mailed directly to a member if requested.




Facebook/MeetUp – It was explained by Jeff Stoeger that users will have to agree that the Chapter is not held responsible for meetings, that this is a person to person commitment with no chapter involvement or responsibility.




Bobber Doggin Rod & Reel Raffle- The bobber doggin rod and reel setup donated by Jack Glass for our 2018 Auction will be part of a raffle.  Tickets will be $5.00 each.  Ticket sales will occur during September, October and November membership meetings.  Winner must be present to win the drawing.  The Drawing will occur at the very end of the November Chapter Membership Meeting unless a minimum of $200 in sales is not achieved.  Jeff Stoeger motioned for board approval, Terri B seconded and it was passed unanimously.




Storage Unit-Jim Cathcart sent an email to Jeff S. and Greg R. asking to continue the storage rental and leave as-is.  Costs will increase and the contract ends July 1, 2018.  The yearly cost is $1848 for a 10x10 closet.  The board will continue to look into other alternatives or cheaper accommodations.  Meanwhile, members will try to rearrange the storage closet at the Glenn Otto Building to try to better utilize the space and try to include items from the storage unit.




Record Keeping –Leslie H. and Greg R. will be discussing a retention schedule for document record keeping. 




ByLaws/Audit- Greg R. discussed By Law changes and the time it takes to do yearly annual reviews and property inventory.  It was determined an extra audit is not required if an annual review is done.  Financial portion of all reports must be turned into the Association office monthly.  A Draft of the Final copy of Chapter By Laws were sent to board members for review.  Greg R noted 3 housekeeping items on page 2 & 3 that needed to be corrected.  A request was made that a revision date was added to the bottom of the document.




HOF Raffle Item – Mike Myrick asked for members input as to which item the Sandy Chapter should pick for the next HOF Raffle.  Members can go to Don Perry Metal Art website for choices.








Association Business- Mike Myrick stated that Allison’s last day at the ANWS office is June 27th.  She will be going to PGE to be their Environmental Communications expert.  Contact Maggie or Morgan if we need anything until they replace her. 




Chapters need to remember all chapter auctions need to be 120 days or more from the Association Auction performed each year in November.






Association Meeting Update-New membership dues were decided at the last Association Meeting and a new development person has been nominated.  The Association has tabled the new logo due to poor response.  A new logo design was planned since Idaho is no longer part of the Association of NW Steelheaders.  New office space was also discussed since Tom VanderPlaat though the Association needed better space for public visits.




Sandy Chapter Business Cards- Greg R. went online to Vistaprint after being referred by Tim Burke from the McGloughlin Chapter.  He found a coupon that cuts the price in half for a generic card.  Jeff B and Greg R will work together to come up with an appropriate design.


We discussed using our original logo.  A generic 2 sided card is approx.  $50.00 for 1000 business cards.  It was discussed to use no gloss cardstock so members could write their names on them.  Gregg R will bring another mockup of a generic card to July’s board meeting.




August Board meeting has been canceled




Annual Meeting- July 21, 2018 in Newport, Oregon.  Board discussed which Sandy Chapter delegates could attend.  Steve Rothenbucher, Jeff Stoeger/Greg Reed & Terri Boughton stated they could attend.  At the Association Annual Meeting Mike Myrick (as an Executive Committee Member) will be putting his name forward as the “alternate Delegate” to the National Wildlife Federation Annual Meeting.  Mike has asked for our support.






After School Fishing Program – Steve Rothenbucher, Jim Cathcart and Jenny Ammon are discussing an after school fishing program for schools receiving grants.  Steve R. will bring more information to our next meeting as to which types of programs they want to offer.




Volunteer hours- Greg R. needs all volunteer hours turned in by the 30th of each month so he can record them by the end of the following month in order to get credited for those hours!


Volunteers need to track the total hours from their front door and back to their home after the event, the total miles driven and the date/event you volunteered.  Terri B will give Greg the volunteer list from the Women’s Fishing Event.






7:30 pm Adjourn   Steve R. called to adjourn, Mike Myrick seconded, unanimously passed.                                                                                   








Upcoming Events






July 10, 2018 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm:  Fish Eggs to Fry Information Session –Join the National Wildlife Federation and NW Steelheaders for a brief information session on Fish Eggs to Fry, an ODFW program that allows kids across Oregon to raise salmon or trout at school.  We will explore the benefits and goals of the program, the roles of involved partner organizations and volunteer responsibilities.  RSVP here:  https://bit.ly/2Jn8LQ7  Want more info?  Contact- parksm@nwf.org.




July 14 & 15th, 2018 – 7:00am Saturday through Sunday:  Willamette Fish and Float Invitational –Contact Larry Palmer at:  Palmerlarryd@yahoo.com




July 29th, 2018, Sunday – Annual Sandy River Chapter, ANWS picnic at Glenn Otto Park, Troutdale, OR-be sure to sign up and bring your own chairs!!!




August 2018 – No Chapter or Board Meetings




September 5, 2018 -  Chapter Meeting - Time: 6:00pm Meet and greet, 7:00pm Meeting opens Location: Sam Cox Building, Glenn Otto Community Park. Projected Speaker/Activity: TBA




September 7th  –  9th, 2018, Saturday – Tillamook Crab/Fish along – Arrive on Friday and depart on Sunday.




October 3,, 2018 -  Chapter Meeting - Time: 6:00pm Meet and greet, 7:00pm Meeting opens Location: Sam Cox Building, Glenn Otto Community Park. Projected Speaker/Activity: TBA




October 6th, 2018, Saturday - Chapter Sandy River Bank Fish along to register, contact Jim Cathcart at ornavigator@hotmail.com or (503)238-4775, ext. 106




November 3rd, 2018 2018 - Steelhead Fishing 101 Workshop – at the workshop to Glenn Otto Park, Troutdale.  We will likely revert back to the two day format - full day classroom with half day on-the-water session. Date for second day to be determined.  Contact - Jim Cathcart at ornavigator@hotmail.com or (503) 238-4755, Ext. 106.




Nvember 7, 2018 -  Chapter Meeting - Time: 6:00pm Meet and greet, 7:00pm Meeting opens Location: Sam Cox Building, Glenn Otto Community Park. Projected Speaker/Activity: TBA




November 10th, 2018 - 2018 - Steelhead Fish-along – half day on-the-water session.   Contact - Jim Cathcart at ornavigator@hotmail.com or (503) 238-4755, Ext. 106.




December 5, 2018 -  Chapter Meeting - Time: 6:00pm Meet and greet, 7:00pm Meeting opens Location: Sam Cox Building, Glenn Otto Community Park. Projected Speaker/Activity: TBA