Event - Chapter Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 5/9/2018
End Date

Meeting will be at:

Round Table Pizza

4141 NE 122nd Ave,

Portland, OR 97230

6:30 PM


Draft Meeting Minutes:


NW Steelheaders – Sandy Chapter


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Date: Wednesday May 9, 2018


Round Table Pizza - 4141 NE 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, OR


Present: Steve Rothenbucher, Kathyrn Israelson, Jeff Boughton, Mike Myrick, Tim Maples, Anthony Pedro, Jeff Stoeger, & Greg Reed




6:00 pm Call to Order                                                                             Jeff S. & Greg R.




Review Board Meeting’s Minutes April 11, 2018 reviewed.  Steve Rothenbucher moved the Board Meeting’s Minutes from April 11, 2018 be accepted as presented and Mike Myrick seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously.   




Treasurer’s Report  - For April 30, 2018  was presented. Steve Rothenbucher moved the Treasurer’s report for April 30, 2018be accepted as presented and Tim Maples seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously.                                    




Membership Report - The Association is making progress in transitioning from the past Membership programs to SALSA.  They are still noting some errors in membership lists.  Greg R.                                


OLD BUSINESS                               




Annual Chapter Banquet and Auction  – Thanks to Jeff and Terri Boughton


 (and volunteers) for organizing a great event on short notice.  It was well ran and a success with approximately $3,000.00 in profit to the Chapter.  Expenses and Income should be accounted for by the July 11, 2018 Board meeting.  There are still a few items which did not sell. They will be sold through other methods or used in raffles to raise further funds.




Cedar Fish Program – The Chapter has had to review its part in the Cedar Fish Program as the Israelsons are stepping back from the large number of activities they are involved in with the Chapter.  Art Israelson is the only one currently attending events and such to promote the sales.  As there is no one identifiable to step into this role from the Chapter it was recommended and verbally approved by the Board to remove the Chapter from this.  Art Israelson has offered to and will continue the program between himself and the City of Troutdale. 


A draft letter outlining the separation of the Chapter form the program was shared at the Board meeting. Greg Reed will speak with Tim Seery, Parks & Facilities Superintendent, City of Troutdale regarding this change.








Sam Cox Building sound system – A bid was received for the work in the amount of $200.00.  However, the bid listed only moving an outlet.  It did not list the audio wiring needed.  Greg Reed make contact to clarify.  Steve Rothenbucher moved the Chapter approve $300.00 for to cover the cost of the total wiring project. Tim Maples seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously.                         Steve R.




Coleman Roadtrip BBQ – Jeff Boughton has repaired the BBQ for under $40.00!!




Monthly Fish-alongs – Jim Cathcart stated (by Email) he had “not discussed the monthly fish-a-long coordination idea with Larry; but the next Bank Fish-A-Long I am organizing is Saturday, October 6th (targeting Coho salmon on the Sandy River).  Larry of course has his July ”upper Willamette River trip.”




Chapter Newsletter USPS mail list/process –             Draft Letter was reviewed and some awkward language noted Greg Reed will clarify and resubmit via email to Board members.




Ideas - Social Websites (Facebook/Meetup) – Jeff Stoeger reported out there is a “Meetup” page used by the Association to post all upcoming events for any Chapter wishing to use such.  Greg Reed will contact Maggi M. when she returns from leave to find how we use this asset.








Storage Unit Rental / Alternatives – 2017-18 Storage cost was $ 1,524.00, 2018-19 cost has been raised (as it was last year) to $ 1,848.00.


This brings a 2 year cost for space rental to $ 3,372.00.


Adding this years’ cost we can expect 3 years to cost at least $ 5,220.00


As an alternative, the purchase of a Cargo trailer, appropriate wheel lock, and insurance was discussed.  There is interest. Jeff Stoeger and Greg Reed will futher research this possibility. Jeff Stoeger, Steve Rothenbucher, and Greg Reed will inventory the current storage unit and Sam Cox Cabinet to assess space needed in the nex few weeks.


Greg Reed will also speak with Leslie Hinea regarding record retention periods.




H.O.F. Raffle item -  Mike Myrick moved the Board approve the expenditure of no more than $200.00 for an item from Don Perry which is to be then gifted to the Association as and H.O.F. auction item by the Chapter.  Steve Rothenbucher seconded the motion, which was passed with a vote of 7 in favor and 1 in opposition.


Mike Myrick asked that all Board Members visit Don Perry’s website http://www.donperrymetalart.com/5701/index.html choose Main, Garden or custom signs and give Mike feedback on which item the Chapter favors purchasing.




August 8, 2018 Board Meeting Cancelation – Jeff Stoeger asked if the Board needed to meet both in July and August 2018. After some discussion, Jeff Boughton the Board cancel the August 8, 2018 Board meeting and Tim Maples seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously.




7:10pm Adjourn -  Steve Rothenbucher moved the Board Meeting be adjourned and Mike Myrick seconded the motion, which was then passed unanimously.