Event - June Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 6/14/2017
End Date

Meeting will be at:

Greg Reed's Home

 2109 NE 143rd Ave,

 Portland, OR

 6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:


NW Steelheaders – Sandy River Chapter


Board of Directors Minutes from


June 14, 2017


At Greg Reed’s home


 Present: Steve Rothenbucher, John & Leslie Hydorn, Art and Kathryn Israelson, Mike Myrick, Anthony Pedro, Beverly Betzer, & Greg Reed


6:05 pm Call to Order                                                                               Steve Rothenbucher




6:05 pm Review Board Meeting’s Minutes from March 8, 2017 – Greg noted these Minutes had been amended to reflect input from Mike Myrick and Beverly Betzer. 


 These Minutes were available for those present to review.  John Hydorn moved the Minutes be accepted as presented, Mike Myrick seconded the motion, which was then passed.




6:10 pm Treasurer’s Report was presented by Greg Reed.  Mike Myrick moved the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented and Leslie Hydorn seconded the motion, which was then passed.




6:20 pm Membership Report-  Rick Pare was absent.  Steve Rothenbucher stated our numbers had dropped from around 300 to 267.  He will be sending Greg Reed a copy of Joyce’s report to him.






6:25 pm River cleanup Update – Anthony Pedro said he and Tim Seery (Troutdale Parks & Recreation) met, walked Glen Otto Park, and discuss projects.  He has since submitted an Event Request for a Summer River Cleanup for July 15, 2017 9am to Noon.


6:30 pm Sandy Chapter Member badges  - After Action report   Steve Rothenbucher said he and Beverly Betzer had donated some items for this the June chapter meeting and will do so again this fall.






6:35 pm Swap Meet Update – 


Steve Rothenbucher noted there was not enough interest or reservations for this event to take place.  Therefore, the event will not take place. John Hydorn moved to cancel this years’ Swap meet. Mike Myrick seconded the motion, which was then passed.  Steve Rothenbucher will work with Larry Palmer to see that all flyers and announcements for this event be withdrawn.




6:45 pm Chapter wall Banners Update –   Steve Rothenbucher had followed-up on the purchase of banners with ANWS[1] input.  He confirmed prices and that the size of each banner is 6.5 feet by 2 feet.  There was some discussion about various pictures which could be used and for the need of permission from those in the pictures prior to use.  Greg Reed moved that Steve Rothenbucher proceed with purchasing banners for an amount not to exceed $166.00 as approved at the April 12, 2017 Board meeting.  John Hydorn seconded the motion, which was then passed.




6:50 pm Storage Unit Update – NWS[2], Greg as treasurer, advised we have paid Northwest Self Storage $1,524.00 for 12 months for unit #63. This is for the period of July1, 2016 through June 30, 2018.




6:55 pm ANWS Hall of Fame (H.O.F.[3]) Banquet – Nothing new, Still awaiting notification from ANWS. At that time Greg Reed, as treasurer, will pay for one table in the agreed amount of $650.00 as previously approved by the Board.




6:55 pm Volunteer Appreciation event Update – June event - Jim Cathcart/Beverly Bezter reported the event went well, with the exception the terrain was very difficult. 


An event form From Jim Cathcart was introduced by Beverly Betzer for a follow up “End of Summer Volunteer Appreciation fish-a-long” event for those unable to attend this one.  It was discussed and approved.




7:00 pm Chapter Member of the Year Award – Art Israelson brought some


Awards to show some what an Awards cabinet could display.




Steve will call Tim Seery to arrange a meeting with him to be attended by Steve Rothenbucher, Art Israelson and Greg Reed to further discuss the proposal.










7:05 pm Tillamook Fish-Along/Crab-Along, Sept. 15 through 17, 2017 – Norm Ritchie had submitted an Event Request Form for this.  The event was discussed and signed off as approved.




 7:15 pm Reminder of Salmon Quest June 17, 2017.  Update from Aaron Bento - As of the date of this meeting, there have been 21 of 150 tickets sold for the event with an additional 6 or so dinner tickets sold.                          




7:20 pm Chapter Newsletter submission deadline            - There seems to be confusion on the part of those submitting Chapter newsletter items as to cut-off dates. After lengthy discussion, John Hydorn moved the last day to submit items for the upcoming newsletter be the 20th of each month and the newsletter is to be published on the 25th of each month.  Leslie Hydorn seconded the motion, which was then passed.




7:30 pm ANWS Position Announcement:  Operations Manager – tabled until July 2017 Baord Meeting -      Steve Rothenbucher


7:30 pm ANWS request NWS magazine input - Steve Rothenbucher shared an email from ANWS for input to this and ideas as to input.


7:35 pm Sam Cox reservation – Sandy River Chapter receive it’s annual request for Sam Cox building reservation dates.   Steve Rothenbucher, since this meeting, has completed our upcoming year’s reservations.


7:35 pm Annual Inventory Review Steve Rothenbucher shared an email received from Bill Kirkpatrick on June 3, 2017 regarding this year’s inventory.  Bill noted he and two others have completed this the past two year and asked that others be identified to complete the inventory this year. Steve will follow-up with him.


7:40 pm Meeting Adjourn                                                                                  Steve Rothenbucher


[1] ANWS - Association of NW Steelheaders

[2] NWS - NW Steelheaders – Sandy Chapter

[3] H.O.F – ANWS Hall of Fame Banquet