Event - March Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 3/8/2017
End Date

Meeting will be at:


1307 NE 102nd Ave

Portland, OR 97220

6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:


NW Steelheaders – Sandy Chapter

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: March 8, 2017


6:10pm – Call to Order


Present: Steve Rothenbucher, John Hydorn, Art & Kathryn Israelson, Rick Pare, Mike Myrick, Beverly Betzer, Terri & Jeff Boughton, Anthony Pedro and, Greg Reed.

Rob Bitney arrived at 6:30pm


Reviewed February 2017 meeting’s minutes.

Art I. noted in the 2017 Pacific Sportsman’s Show report it should read 3,000 signatures gathered, not 30,000.  Mike M. noted at least 150, possibly 200 more were also obtained at the show.  Minutes will be amended to read 3,000 plus signatures obtained at the show.

John H. motioned the Minutes be accepted as amended, Rick P. seconded the motion which was then passed.


Treasurer’s report

John H. presented same for 2/16/17 through 3/8/17.  Mike M. motioned the report be accepted, Rick P. seconded the motion which was then passed.


Membership Report

Rick P. asked for a side meeting to discuss this last weekends’ Workshop. 

Rick P. and Beverly B. will give a proposal to Steve R. and Jim Cathcart to take to Salem for their ODFW[1] meeting.[2]

Note: Mark Newell (ODFW) has assigned Jenny Ammon (ODFW) as the ODFW/NWS contact.





Fund Raiser Auction – John H. stated he had some volunteers for teardown.  He is working on a flier by rewriting one used last year and will be meeting with Mike M. regarding donations.


John Day Camping trip – John H. will be submitting the Event Request Form to the Board tonight by email in order to make the 90 day deadline.


Family Fish Camp – At a meeting on Monday, Steve R. met with Molly Orr and provided her with samples of needed items for the event.  There are 154 individuals signed up for the camp.




Steve R. notified those attending that Frank Cantino would be unable to continue fulfilling the duties of Chapter Secretary.  Therefore, as Chapter President, Steve R. has appointed Greg Reed to this office, until the regularly scheduled election is held this spring.


Strategic Goals - Beverly B. distributed an outline of the ANWS[3] Strategic Goal Categories for Volunteer Hours. 

She asked that the Sandy Chapter consider expanding volunteer opportunities.

Discussion included river cleanup, fish carcass distribution and Christmas tree placement in rivers and creeks to enhance fish habitat.

Related to fish carcass distribution, Steve R. stated that ODFW has no carcasses from the Sandy River this year.  He will contact Jeff Folup(ODFW) to see if fish can be used in the Sandy River if they come from another watershed/river and if they can does ODFW wish to use some if available.


River cleanup - Anthony P. will contact Tim Seery (Troutdale Parks & Recreation).


Note that Sandy Chapter gets credit for volunteer hours its members provide to other Chapters’ volunteer events and activities.


Sandy Chapter Member badges – Rob B. provided attendees an email from The Irwin-Hodson Company, providers of our name badges.  Rob B. asked if the Chapter wanted to buy blank badges in advance or as needed.  He stated the cost is the same either way.

Greg Reed moved that badges be ordered individually as they were requested and paid for rather than buying blanks in advance.  John H. seconded the motion, which was then passed.


There was a group discussion regarding general meeting attendees wearing badges each receiving a specific raffle ticket (currently white).  One of these would be pulled at each meeting and a raffle item given the ticket holder, separate from the current raffle. Beverly B. noted this would be a “Brand” building effort.  She asked for and received support for such actions.   Steve R. will speak to Jeff Stoeger regarding this proposal.


Swap Meet – Larry Palmer has submitted a letter, copies of which were shared, asking if the Chapter is interested in holding a Swap meet at the Sam Cox building sometime between July and Mid-August.  There was some discussion and those present expressed interest.

Steve R. will check on the availability of the building and grounds then respond to Larry P. and ask him to complete an Event Request Form. Noting the 90 day deadline. 


Salmon Acclimation Pond - Terri B. shared that the first group of fish were placed in the ponds February 16th and are to be released tomorrow, March 8, morning.  The mortality rate has been low and the fish look healthy.   The next/last set for this year is due to be in March 10th and she is already gathering volunteers to feed the smolt.


Meeting Adjourned at 7:49pm


[1] ODFW – Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

[2] Action items are underlined

[3] ANWS – Association of Northwest Steelheaders