Event - February Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 2/15/2017
End Date

Note the date of this meeting has been changed.  It has been moved by one week to avoid conflict with the Sportsman Show.


Meeting will be at:


1307 NE 102nd Ave

Portland, OR 97220

6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:




NW Steelheaders – Sandy Chapter


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Date: February 15, 2017


6:00pm – Call to order




Present: Steve Rothenbucher, John Hydorn, Art & Kathryn Israelson, Rick Pare, Jim Cathcart, Anthony Pedro and, Greg Reed.


Meeting discussion began without a quorum present.




Reviewed January 2017 meeting’s minutes.


Jim C. noted that the November 4, 2017 Steelhead workshop was separate from the “On the Water” fish-along.   The fish-along is to be held on November 11, 2017.




Reviewed November 9, 2016 meeting


No changes noted or voiced.




Treasurer’s report


John H. presented same for 1/26/17 through 2/15/17.




Membership Report


Rick P. stated the most recent report from the Association was for  December 2016.  This showed 150 current members.  Steve R.


Noted that the overall number (current, awaiting renewal and such) as received from the Association/Joyce is 278 and Rick P. agreed.






Fund Raiser Auction


John H. stated there is a meeting next week regarding:


  • Decisions as to whether food will be served,
  • Operations,  and
  • If Auction is to be opened to the general public.


Steve R. received items for auction grab bags from Larry McClintock.  Steve R. also has/will speak with Sportsman’s regarding donations.


John H. has donor letters prepared.




Budget Cookies for General meeting


Kathryn I. recommended purchasing cookies for the general meetings, as opposed to having homemade cookies.  This minimizes seeking volunteers and time to prepare them.  Also, the purchase of ½ & ½ or milk versus powdered creamer.  This was discussed and all concurred with her recommendation. 


It was noted refreshments for the general meetings was approved through the end of the 2016-2017 season,  The financial implications of this program will be reviewed at that time.




Family Fish Camp


The camp is scheduled for March 17 through 19, 2017 (Friday through Sunday).  40 volunteers have been identified.  We do not have the number of participants at this time.  Steve R. had received the event proposal the date of this meeting from Molly Orr.




Storage Container Purchase


Steve R. confirmed the purchase of the previously approved 10 containers and showed one to those attending.  What they would/could be used for was again stated.






John Day Camping trip - Event Request form submission


John H. will be submitting the Event Request form for this event proposed event dates of June 15 through 19, 2017 (Thursday through Monday).  


Camping will be at the Albert Philippi State Park.  This is a boat access only park. There is a need for more boats, only 2 or 3 have been volunteered to date. Participants will put in and/or park their vehicles at Le Page State Park and boat to Albert Philippi State Park.




2017 Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show


Art I. reported the Boat Raffle ticket sales were suspended this year due to the pressing need to collect signatures on the Northwest Steelheaders Petition to the Governor and Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission regarding the Lower Columbia River Fisheries Management Reform.  There were 3,000 plus signatures obtained at the show.




Meeting Adjourned