Event - January Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 1/25/2017 5:30 AM
End Date

Steve has rescheduled the Board meeting for this Wednesday, January 25th.


 Meeting will be at:


1307 NE 102nd Ave

Portland, OR 97220

6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:




Association of Northwest Steelheaders


Sandy Chapter


Executive Board Meeting Minutes


January 25, 2017




  1. I.                    Call to Order
    1. Steve Rothenbucher called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Sandy River Chapter Board of Directors at 6:30 pm, January 25, 2017 at Izzy’s Restaurant, 1307 NE 102nd, Portland, OR




  1. II.                  Roll Call
    1.  A roll call was conducted.  The following board members were present unless otherwise noted:


                                                             1.      Steve Rothenbucher – President


                                                             2.      Don Voeks – Vice President (Absent)


                                                             3.      Frank Cantino – Secretary (Absent)


                                                             4.      John Hydorn – Treasurer




  1. The following Directors were present unless otherwise noted:


                                                             1.      Mike Myrick – Fish Tanks




  1. Also present and in attendance:


                                                             1.      Beverly Betzer, Jeff Boughton, Kathryn Israelson, Jim Cathcart, Larry McClintock, Greg Reed




  1. III.                Approval of Minutes
    1. Minutes from the last board meeting were not prepared nor presented by Don Voeks from the last board meeting held November 9, 2016.  Steve Rothenbucher read the meeting minutes from his notes.  Steve Rothenbucher and John Hydorn will pool their notes and submit them at the next board meeting.




  1. IV.                Treasurer’s Report
    1. a.       John Hydorn prepared and presented financial reports for December 2016 and January 2017.  Following review, Jim Cathcart motioned the reports be accepted in to record.  Mike Myrick seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.




  1. V.                  Angler Education Position
    1. a.       Steve Rothenbucher announced that Jim Cathcart is now in charge of Angler Education and this will be a director position in the Sandy River Chapter.




  1. VI.                2017 Executive Board Elections
    1. Steve Rothenbucher announced that all board positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, are up for election in April.  Anyone is eligible if they are a member in good standing and have been a member for one year.




  1. VII.              Purchase of New Laptops
  2. John Hydorn reported that the chapter purchased a new Dell laptop computer based on the recommendation of the internal review committee.  This laptop will be used strictly for financial information only.  Below are the particulars for this computer:


                                                             1.      Loaded with Quicken 2014


                                                             2.      Service Tag (S/N):  2HG0ZD2


                                                             3.      Mfg Yr:  2016


                                                             4.      Express Service Code:  5408409350




  1. b.      John Hydorn stated that he will evaluate the uses and requirements for the second computer which will be used during audio-visual presentations at workshops and general meetings.




  1. VIII.            Annual Auction Fund Raiser
    1. a.       Steve Rothenbucher reported that both Leslie Hinea and Jolie Ritchie are stepping down from their positions in the Sandy River Chapter annual auction.  We are looking for new volunteers to fill the void. 




  1. b.      The date of the May General Meeting will continue to be the date of the auction.  This year it will be held on May 3, 2017.




  1. c.       Action Item:  John Hydorn will contact Leslie Hinea and ask her to come to the next auction organization meeting to help us get organized.  No mention of when that meeting will take place.




  1. IX.                Event Request Forms Submitted for Approval
    1. Jim Cathcart informed the board that he has devised two different types Fish-a-longs:


                                                             1.      The “On the Water Session” will be tied directly to our Fishing Workshops and will focus on what was learned at the workshop.  Open to workshop participants only.


                                                             2.      The “Bank Fish-a-longs” will be open to everyone and will be designed for continuous learning.




  1. Jim Cathcart presented three separate Event Request Forms for board approval on three upcoming events:


                                                             1.      February 11,2017, Bank fish-a-long on the Sandy River


                                                             2.      June 24, 2017, Steelhead Fishing 101 Workshop to be held in conjunction with ODFW


                                                             3.      November 4, 2017, Steelhead Fishing 101 Workshop, with a November 11th ”On the Water Session” Fish-a-long


  1. All three Event Request Forms were verbally approved and signed by the two attending board members: Steve Rothenbucher and John Hydorn.  Steve Rothenbucher will be responsible for obtaining the third required signature.




  1. Jim Cathcart said that he plans on holding two workshops per year




  1. Sandy River Chapter Forms now On-Line
    1. John Hydorn has posted the following forms on the Sandy River Chapter website:


                                                             1.      Expense Reimbursement Form


                                                             2.      Volunteer Hours Form


                                                             3.      Event Request Form




  1. Bad Email Addresses
    1. Jim Cathcart proposes that John Hydorn no longer has to chase down bad email addresses in order to send out our chapter newsletter.  John will notify all members that the newsletter is available on the Sandy River Chapter website.




  1. XII.              General Meeting Cookies
    1. a.       The following questions were brought up by Steve Rothenbucher;


                                                             1.      Should we budget cookies for the general meetings?  He stated that it used to be all volunteers.  Want to get away from reimbursing individuals for cookies. 


                                                             2.      Does having cookies available at our general meetings need to be self-sustaining?  A lively discussion ensued.


                                                             3.      John Hydorn moved that the cookies and coffee offered at our general meetings be a budget line item and that going forward, expenses for cookies be reimbursed by the treasurer.  Mike Myrick seconded it.  The motion passed unanimously.




  1. XIII.            Small Plastic Storage Containers
    1. a.       Steve Rothenbucher proposed that we purchase small plastic storage containers to be used for storing ODFW handouts and items that go into workshop goody bags.  John Hydorn made a motion to purchase 10 containers.  Mike Myrick seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.




  1. XIV.            Adjournment
    1. a.       Meeting was adjourned at 8:03pm