Event - November Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 11/9/2016
End Date

Meeting will be at:


1307 NE 102nd Ave

Portland, OR 97220

6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes: (Assembled from Notes by Steve R., Greg R, and John H.)


Steve started the meeting discussion without a quorum present at 6:39.


  • Steve Rothenbucher, John Hydorn, Beverly Betzer, Mike Myrick, Greg Reed, and Rick Pare.

John Hydorn reported that the Board meeting minutes are now on the Chapter website, under archives within the event itself.

John Hydorn Presented the Financial report

-          ODFW reimbursement received for July 23, 2016 workshop.

John Hydorn

  • Presented new computer basis of purchase “requirements” It was recommended to purchase a treasurer computer right away.  The second computer to be purchased later after completing the requirements for it use as the treasurer’s computer needs to be secure.  Beverly Betzer volunteered to donate the two hard drives required for secure computer backups.  Requirements document will be published as an attachment to the minutes.


Don Voeks arrived during previous discussion at 7:10 and thus achieving a quorum. 

Don moved to purchase the computers as presented, Mike Myrick seconded the motion.   All present voting to in favor of this motion.

With a quorum now present the previous Board Meeting notes were reviewed.  A date change within the minutes was requested from October 11th to October 12th.  Patti was to be asked to correct same. John Hydorn moved to approve same as presented, Don Voeks seconded the motion.   All present voting to in favor of this motion.

Beverly Betzer indicated that Inventory list needs to include the location of items (Building & area within), Brand, Model & Serial numbers of items.

Steve then reviewed the recommendations from the financial review.  The recommendation list will be will be published as an attachment to the minutes.

  1. The previous title of Annual Audit committee is to be henceforth titled the “Annual Review Committee”. 
  2. I was agreed that the review be scheduled annually as it was missed last year.
  3. Request was made to make the Treasurers tenure the same as the fiscal year (1 July – June 30.).  In the discussion it was stated that all Election dates were set by the Association, not by Chapter.  Also, that the current practice is to have the tenures of outgoing and incoming Treasurers overlap through July 1st to assist in completing the fiscal year.  This was noted, a motion was made to maintain current practices, seconded and passed.
  4. In order to do an Annual review of the Board Meeting Minutes we will need to insure minutes are always taken and published.
  5. No minutes or notes available for some of last year’s meetings. Noted recommendation to insure minutes for every meeting.
  6. Board meeting Minutes “book/file” is to be maintained by the Chapter Secretary with a retention period of 7 years. Will note this when job descriptions developed.
  7. Discussed the Laptop upgrades.  Since a quorum was present. this was spoken to again.
  8. Steve will ask Larry Palmer to ask ODFW concerning ownership of rods/reels.  Steve is to contact Joe Dominico to clarify insurance coverage of items in storage unit #63.
  9. Inventory of the items at Glenn Otto was discuseed.  Also discussed was the possible need of insurance coverage for items at Glen Otto Park as well.


New Business:

  • Steve reported an event request had been received from Larry Palmer but was incomplete as Budget and materials required were not addressed.  The date of the event was February 25, 2017, which is an ODFW workshop.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.