Event - May Board Meeting

Start Date
Wed 5/11/2016
End Date

Meeting will be at:


1307 NE 102nd Ave

Portland, OR 97220

6:30 PM


Meeting Minutes:

Executive Board Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2016
I. Call to Order
A. Steve Rothenbucher called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Sandy Chapter Board of Directors, at 6:30 pm, May 11, 2016. Location: Izzy’s Restaurant, 1307 NE 102nd, Portland, OR.
II. Roll Call
A. A roll call was conducted. The following board members were present unless otherwise noted:
1. Steve Rothenbucher – President
2. Robert Wisher – Sr. Vice President (Absent)
3. Don Voeks – Vice President (Absent)
4. Frank Cantino – Secretary
5. John Hydorn – Treasurer
B. The following Directors were present unless otherwise noted:
1. Leslie Hinea – Auctions (Absent)
2. Mike Myrick – Fish Tanks (Absent)
3. Rick Pare – Membership (Absent)
4. John Bennet – Newsletter (Absent)
5. Russ Sumida – River Cleanups (Absent)
6. Brad Halverson – Sales (Absent)
7. Larry Palmer – Special Projects (Absent)
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C. Also present and in attendance:
1. Kathryn Israelson, Art Israelson, Beverly Betzer, Larry McClintock and Anthony Pedro
III. Approval of Minutes
A. No minutes submitted from previous meeting.
IV. Treasurer’s Report
A. John Hydorn presented the April 2016 Financial Report to the board. Frank Cantino requested the previous month’s checking/savings account balances be reflected in future reports. Cantino motioned the April Report be accepted and John Hydorn seconded. Motion passed unanimously. ‘John
B. Hydorn and the board discussed the proposed budget for the Annual Sandy Chapter Picnic, scheduled for July 30th. John Hydorn motioned a proposed budget of $425 be approved. Cantino seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
V. Beavercreek Event
A. A booth for ANWS has been provided for at the July 9th event and will be staffed by Kathryn Israelson, Art Israelson and Robert Wisher.
VI. Upcoming Events/Statuses
A. Tillamook Fish Along: Steve Rothenbucher reported the McCloughlin Chapter will be meeting the week of May 15-21 to begin planning for the September 16th-17th event.
B. June 18th Sandy Chapter Summer Invitational: Rothenbucher reported Larry Palmer is the primary person in charge of planning the event. The planned launch point will be Armitage Landing. Cantino motioned a proposed food budget of $50-$75 be approved. Hydorn seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
C. John Day Family Overnighter, June 24-26: Steve Childress will be the primary organizer and planner. Participants will be ferried by boat from Lapage Landing to Phillipi Park. Food costs and suggested camping fees will be paid for by those participating.
1. Kathryn Israelson will post additional information regarding the event in the monthly newsletter.
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D. July ODFW Fishing Clinic: Discussion on this event was tabled until the next meeting.
VII. Storage Room, Glenn Otto
A. Rothenbucher reported the estimated cost for the doors needed to secure the storage space at Glenn Otto Park is $313.50. Rothenbucher recommended paying for the needed improvement and attempt to seek reimbursement from the City of Troutdale after the work was completed. Cantino motioned funds be approved as prescribed and the work completed as planned. Hydorn seconded and motion passed unanimously.
VIII. Adjournment
A. Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm, May 11, 2016.