Event - ODFW Fish Toss

Start Date
Wed 3/9/2016
End Date

ODF&W is asking us to distribute totes of fish (steelhead) this Thursday (3/3) and Wednesday, March 9th as well. Can you ask for sign up volunteers for each of these days? If we get 4 to 8 volunteers for fish carcass tossing, we’ll be in good shape.

I have to make sure I can get access to the trailer that’s at Tom Smoot’s house on those days or Tom himself may be available.

We also need definitive maps for dump sites and ensure that roads are cleared so we can access those areas. I have Cc’d Ryan Queen at the Sandy hatchery for this reason.

After we get the 5 totes distributed, we can send the trailer in for repair as that will be all the totes that are currently frozen.