Event - Drift Boat Class - June 28 2014 - Riverside Ramp

Start Date
Sat 6/28/2014
End Date

Sandy River Chapter Members: 

I attended this 2 years ago as an observer and found to be extremely professional.  If you are new to drift boating, are thinking about a drift boat or just want to upgrade your skill set, sign-up for this training.

There is a need for boat captains with a strong drift boats skills to join in the training.

 Contact Tom per the directions here-in.  Please do not send it to me.




To All:
For the last two years, the Tualatin Valley Chapter has conducted a Drift Boat class on a Saturday in June.   The date I am suggesting is Saturday June 28.  The launch we start at is the Clackamas River at Riverside - since it has a large parking lot and no fee to park.


The past trainings have been pretty successful with 15- 20 participants (students and Captains) and seems to be an opportunity to expand it to include more chapters and members.  I would need your help with recruiting students and captains through your Chapter and maybe the Association.
I am willing to continue organize the class, but would need help.  The main challenge is securing boats and captains.  I may contact Clackacraft - about what kind of involvement might interest them. If you have other suggestions, let me know.  


TV Chapter has provided lunch (burgers) and did not charge for the class.   I would like to keep it free since it can build membership and the lunch was not too expensive, but if the other chapters participate, maybe we can share the costs.

Last year, Art Israelson did a great job presenting a short session on safety and drift boat handling and the US Coast Guard Aux presented on PFD and water safety.

In my view, rowing a drift boat requires some unique skills, but this class also provides the opportunity to educate members about boating safety and fishing etiquette.  Also, the interaction between drift boats and sleds is good to know. 

If you are interested in joining the fun, let me know.
Here is typical agenda for the class.
1. Meet at Riverside Park in Clackamas - 8:00 am

2. Introductions and gather group (10-15 minutes)

3.  US Coast Guard Aux. (Brad R.) presents boat safety and use of PFDs (15 minutes) - 8:15 am

4.  Art presents on Boat safety and boat handling with river display (30 minutes) - 8:45 am

5.  Tom talks about key elements of drift boats and fishing etiquette (10 minutes) - 9:00 am

6.  Assign Captains with Students - carpool to Carver Boat Ramp (30 minutes) - 9:30 am

7.  Launch Boats and travel back to Riverside - 2.5 hours (Captains instruct students in rowing seat) - Noon 

8.  Captains shuttled back to Carver to retrieve truck and trailers - (45 minutes)

9. Prepare Lunch and clean up  - 1:00 pm

Attached is a signup list and flyer with my contact information.  If I am missing any key information, please let me know.


Tom VanderPlaat

Cell 503-784-6228