Article - How to rig up a "quick switch" backtrolling outfit


This How to was given to me by Jeff Stoeger. It is a great way to get back to fishing if you need to change your method quickly. This is a rig for fishing from a boat. The first thing to start with is a fairly stout rod and a reel with about 20 lb line on it.

Main Line

To the main line you attach two beads and below that attach a large duo-lock snap. (don’t use the small ones you might find on a size 30 hot shot) This is the basis of the whole system.

To this you will attach pre-made (no tackle making in the boat) rigs of either eggs, sand shrimp, or kwikfish as well as your rigs for getting the outfit down.
There are two basic parts to the rest of the outfit; dropper rig and bait rig.


Dropper rig

The dropper rig is a simple 2 foot piece of 6 lb leader with a small snap swivel on one end and a duo-lock on the other. To this you can attach a jet diver or a cannonball sinker between 3 and 4 ounces (more if you are in heavy current) You can also completely remove the dropper and use a Hot -n-Tot attached directly in line between line and bait.

Bait Rig

The bait rig can be either bait or a plug (like a kwikfish). If you are using bait then make up a series of leaders with your favorite hooks (probably 3/0) 4 ft 15 lb leader, your favorite color of spin & glo and the bait of your choice. If you are using a kwikfish then shorten the leader to 2 feet.

The main advantage to this system is that as you come upon different types of water you can change quickly. Remember to make your rigs up before you go fishing. You should maximize your time on the water with fishing not with rigging.

I even leave it tied up for my Steelhead plug outfits. I leave the Duo lock and the beads in place, attach a 6 foot leader with a swivel on one end and a small duo lock on the other, and just run my plugs off of this.