Event - Spring/Summer River Clean-up

Start Date
Sat 5/17/2014
End Date

Russ Sumida announced today that the Spring  / Summer River Clean-up will be from 9:00 to Noon on Saturday May 17th

The Goal is 30 member Volunteers that are needed for Saturday May 17th 9:00 am to Noon.

Meet at Glenn Otto at 8:45 for bags, retrieval devices, hand sterilizer and reflective vests.

Russ will assign people to Dabney, Glenn Otto, Lewis  and Clark parks, as well as, the river bank and roads adjoining.  During our survey last yea 50% of the respondents said they would join the River Clean-up, yet only 9 people showed up last time.        

This is the easiest volunteer activity, the shortest and the closest.  The direct benefits to the Chapter include free use of the Cox building for our meetings, Free parking at Lewis & Clark, free boat launching facilities (not the best, but better than nothing).and the pride of doing.

Bring your spouse &/or Kids.  It is worth doing.  We need to meet our goal of 30 volunteers.

No Host breakfast at 8:00 and / or No Host Lunch at Mark’s at noon

Contact Russ at 503 665-3953  ras8529@forontier.com  or sign-up sheets at membership meetings Wednesday 4/2  or Dinner Auction on Wednesday  5/7