Article - Lazy Larry’s K-fish for Salmon Method


This time of year, the spring Chinook start arriving in our area. The problem is, the nice warm weather hasn’t always. If you have a boat with a top cover, you may be able to fish in some sort of comfort, largely out of the rain and wind. Try this simple method.

1.     Look at the tide table and find the morning high tide. You want to fish on the outgoing tide, so give it an hour after the high tide to start running out.

2.     Locate an area to fish between 10-20 feet deep, with steady slow current. This is often not far out from shore. The current will quicken as the tide runs out.

3.     Anchor or tie up to a piling in the right depth, keeping an eye on the current.

4.     If the current is very slow at first, use a Spin-N-Glo set up from the bottom 12-18 inches. Those babies will spin in a breath of current! Put some scent on it!

5.     Once the current is well established, rig up your rod this way- run 2 round beads up the mainline, then tie in a barrel swivel. Below that tie in 24 inches of lighter line, and make a loop min the end. Put a 2-3 oz. sinker in the loop and cast that out about 60 feet below your boat.

6.     Make up a separate 20-30 pound leader line, 5 feet long with a round bend snap tied in at either end.

7.     Take an M-2 sized Flatfish or K-14 sized Kwikfish (predominately metallic on sunny days, fluorescent colors on overcast days and muddy water…) and after sharpening and de-barbing the hooks and applying a sardine fillet wrap, snap the leader line into the bill. Now snap the other snap over your rods mainline down from the rod tip.

8.     Simply lay the plug in the water. The current will carry it back and down your line to those two beads.

9.     Now get up under that boat top and stay dry! When the fish bite, let them take the rod down two or three times HARD before you pick it up and do anything. Don’t strike unless they are pulling HARD on it! He who hesitates is greatly rewarded.