Event - Ray's Frostbite Follies

Start Date
Sat 3/7/2015
End Date

Please Note:  The alternate date has been Chosen...March 7th


Ray’s Frostbite Follies is a winter tradition named after the late Ray Hinea.  It is not weather dependent, thus the name.  It is a drift boat float from Oxbow to Dabney on Saturday, SUBJECT to river levels being safe.  We match people with boats and offer the balance a walk-in trip at Oxbow, Dodge or Dabney.  Other Chapter members are welcome or they can send their boat.  (yeah right)

We arbitrarily picked Saturday February 28th as the date, with Saturday March 7th as the alternate, in case the river is out of shape on the 28th.  Cost is $10 to $15 for lunch, which will be served at Dabney.  Sign-up sheets and money collected at the next meeting, February 4th.  If you sign-up and you don’t go you lose your money, if we cancel you get a full refund.  Lunch will include Robert Wisher’s Chef’s Surprise pastry.  There will be no stop at Camp Angelos.

Keep in mind to tip the boat captain for the use of the boat, gear, jumping the car, bait and lost tackle.  If you offer, they can always say no, but at least you offered and may be invited back.