Event - Open Public General Meeting - This month’s program - Bobber Fishing

Start Date
Wed 11/4/2015 7:00 PM
End Date

It is rumored that our next meeting will feature different techniques on setting up for bobber fishing.


This month’s program - Bobber Fishing

Learn hands-on about the subtle but effective “ways of the bobber” from chapterexperts. Bobbers can be used for everything from 40 lb. Chinook to 8 lb. Steelhead, and of course for trout and pan fish too.

This month we’ll be focusing on those techniques for Chinook and Steelhead, so get out your bobber gear and rods and bring them to the meeting. We’ll go over what you have, help you rig it up properly and make any needed adjustments to put you on the right track. The bite may be light, but often the fish aren’t, so learn how and go get hooked up!


Please bring to the upcoming bobber oriented meeting-

  • Bobbers
  • 20-30# Dacron line for line stops or the rubbery kind
  • Small beads for line stops


  • 3/0-5/0 hooks
  • 30-40#  leader
  • Fishing fluffy yarn


  • ¼” hollow core lead or in-line weights


  • Barrel Swivels


  • The rod and reel you intend to use