Event - Feed Spring Chinook Smolts

Start Date
Wed 2/26/2014
End Date

ODFW Acclimation Pond

Starting Wednesday 2/26/14 thru all of March


Feed 66,000 smolt at the abandoned  Power House every day before they are released.  It is worth the drive for a look at the pristine foliage across the Sandy River.  A nice drive in the country.  A friend took his grandson three times last year and will be back again this year.  Talk to Howard before all the good days are gone.

Doug Briggs, President


Jeff Fulop from the ODFW has asked for our help in with feeding Spring Chinook Smolts at the Bull Run acclimation pond.  The first group of 66,000 is scheduled to arrive February 26th pending the result of a lawsuit by The Native Fish Society and the McKenzie Fly fishermen.   Around March 24th we should receive another 66,000 Smolts.  

I can’t say enough about how this crew hung in there through all the legal uncertainty of last year.   This lawsuit has at least brought the Sportsman, Commercial Fishermen and Indians together on one side to fight for their right to keep the hatcheries open.  

The Sandy River Steelheaders are a major participant in this fight and we are going to show The Native Fish Society and the McKenzie Fly fishermen that we cannot be intimidated by their lawsuit.  

Should litigation get in the way of the planting, the ODFW will keep us updated.


Howard Berg