Event - "In Stream" Steelhead Clinic - Rescheduled

Start Date
Sat 3/15/2014 12:00 PM
End Date


This event has now been rescheduled.

In stream Steelhead clinic starts 7:30 @ Oxbow or 8:00 Glenn Otto  Depends on Team


This event has been postponed from Febraruary to a future date (Cancelled to be Rescheduled) 

The primary reason for the rescheduling was the projected water levels  cresting above 17’ which makes it both unfishable and, more importantly, Unsafe.





The 4th & final part of the Steelhead Clinic will be an in-stream demonstration of the techniques presented;  Bobber & jig,, Spinners, Drift & Bait.

We will meet at Glenn Otto Parking lot @ 8:00 on Saturday 2/15  and disperse from there.

Plan to be back at Glenn Otto by Noon

Indicate by e-mail  or a phone call. which technique you prefer  and your role (Choose one)

Team Leader/Instructor                             Ass’t’ Team Leader              Trainee

Dress for the weather, including hat & Gloves  Bring a liquid,

Bring your Rod & Reel  DO NOT GO BUY ONE, YET 

Please respond by 2/12/ @ 5:00


Doug Briggs

Sandy River Chapter of ANWS

503 729-2023


Clinic ‘In Stream’ demonstration  Saturday  2/15/14  8:00 to Noon

As a wrap up to the three Steelhead Clinics held in Dec, Jan & Feb we will conduct an in-stream demonstration ‘For Members Only’.   You must be a current member to attend.

Need 4 to 6 Team Leaders volunteers to demonstrate on the water, bobber, drift, spinner and baiting  techniques.  Not comfortable leading?... sign up as an assistant team leader.     

Members from Clinic, Assistant & Team Leader Contact  Doug Briggs (503) 729-2923.