Event - Salmon Toss - a S.T.E.P. Project

Start Date
Mon 11/24/2014
End Date

Salmon toss on 11/24/2014:

Meet Glen Otto Parking Lot 9:00AM.

We will car-pool to Zig Zag Ranger Station.

If it is more convenient, meet at the Ranger Station at 10:00AM.

Any questions or confirm your attendance please call Robert at 503-780-8212or at rjwisherstix@gmail.com 



S.T.E.P.  Project November 24th


Sandy River Chapter members met  ODFW biologist Jeff Fulop and Corrine Handleman of the Sandy River Basin  Council at the U.S. Forest Service Ripplebrook ranger station  for a stream nutrient enhancement project on Still Creek , a tributary of the upper Sandy River. We also joined by ANWS Executive Director Bob Rees, and Deputy Director Michael O'Leary.


The project basically involved driving up Still Creek Road, a short distance from Ripplebrook, to a bridge over Still Creek and then tossing Coho salmon carcasses provided by ODFW hatcheries into the creek. This replicates the nutrient base once found in these streams when native spawning fish were abundant. The decaying flesh of spawned out fish provided a food base for bears, insects in the stream itself, and to a certain extent for young fish.


These Coho carcasses, about 1600 pounds total, were carried up to the worksite in an ODFW pickup in two large plastic totes. After cutting off the fishes’ tails (so as not to confuse ODFW’s fish population survey crews who keep track of native spawners each year) we tossed the carcasses off of the bridge and watched them be carried downstream by the fast moving current.


I had never been on a “fish toss” before but had heard about the work involved and made up some long handled “Fish Picks” and “ Handle n’ Hook” tools to move the fish without close handling. These worked very well and we were able to go through the entire 1600 pounds in about an hour and a half, with minimal “fish goo” on ourselves. I’m going to make more for future projects.


Thanks to ODFW and the Sandy River Basin Council for organizing this project and our Sandy River Chapter volunteers- Doug Briggs, Robert Wisher, Tim Heath, Steve Rothbucher, Ralph Young, Rod Brobeck, Dusty Hume, Larry Palmer, Andell Thompson.


 There maybe another Salmon Toss in the near future. Stay tuned.


 Robert Wisher