Event - 1st Annual Pontoon Float

Start Date
Sat 1/11/2014
End Date

The 1st annual Pontoon float will take place on Saturday Jan 11, 2014.  We will float from Oxbow to Dabney. 

We will meet at Dabney at 6:30am and then head up to Oxbow.  Meet us at Oxbow at 7:30am if you don't wish to meet at Dabney.

The plan is to fish all day. The only way this event will be canceled, is that the river blows out or the river is running to high that makes it to dangerous to float. Bring your own lunch and drinks. You will have to pay for parking at both Oxbow and Dabney unless you have park passes. I will bring my trailer to stack a couple of boats. 

There will be a sign up sheet at the December meeting. Please sign and put your phone # for contact purpose only.

THIS IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY.  To participate you must be a member of the Chapter.

You can contact me with your questions at 503-704-7920.

Thanks, Jeff Stoeger