Event - Ray's Frostbite Follies - Rescheduled

Start Date
Sat 3/22/2014
End Date


This event has now been rescheduled for March 22nd.


This event has been postponed from February 22nd to a future date (Cancelled to be Rescheduled) 

The primary reason for the rescheduling was the projected water levels cresting above 17’ which makes it both unfishable and, more importantly, Unsafe.



The Frostbite Follies was named after Ray Hinea, long time steelheader  & avid fisherman.  The Follies is a drift boat trip from Oxbow Park to Dabney Park on the Sandy River, weather and river conditions permitting.  This is not for the faint of heart of heart, weather wise.  Frozen guides, fingers and ears are not uncommon, dress accordingly.  Last year, during ideal weather conditions forty-two hearty souls piled into fourteen  drift boats and made the trek, 

A few fish were hooked and landed. Dan Drazan clearly had the hooked part down, but failed to show his sons, Christian & Isaac, the ‘landed’ part.  Anglers area always ready for a warm fire and a hot lunch at Camp Angelos, about 2/3 of the float.  This year’s chef de jur is Robert Wisher, a retired pastry Chef.   

Contact Jeff Stoeger   (503) 704-7920